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First, a thank you for the gift and note sent for Pastor Enias' retirement celebration which takes place on Sunday.
From Legal Representative Bishop Emmanuel:
Here in Rwanda there is improvement with the Covid 19 situation. Now we have 166 churches reopened. Now we have 75% in churches places . We are preparing for Rev. Enias' day and thank you for your contribution on this day. My family is well. Please remember to greet our brothers in your family and the church.
From Pastor Joseph:
I have given new responsibilities in new Region called Kibuye( Bumba subregion) (the region Pastor Enias is retiring from). I am still working as a Regional Pastor in that Region, we are so excited for the hope of AEBR executive committee is keep having to us.
This Region is bigger, but I know few of pastors in this new Region. There is a big house in which we will live for a pastor. Beatrice is not still teaching literacy, but helping only those who need a help because she like it. And she stopped because the program is not still active. Here in Rwanda Covid 19 is slowing down and many churches are still reopening a day to day, we also have good news that we are going to be allowed to make gospel ceremonies on hills.
And from Pastor Anthony:
Mary is fine, and still teaching children. My parents are also well (Pastor Simon-Pierrre)
Regional PastorMichel is still sick but we believe he will be healed.
Pray for us we plan to buy keyboard but no enough money.
Pray for three church on its revival .
We love you all. Covid-19 here is still a problems.
We miss you but hope to meet you both spiritually and physically.