Together with McLaurin Baptist Church in Grande Prairie, we have partnered with a church in Rwanda. The church is in the Butare area, in the south east of the country. It is a regional church, with a number of smaller churches under its leadership. All of these churches are in a rural area. Our partnership is facilitated through CBM (Canadian Baptist Ministries), and is officially called STEP (Serving, Training, Energizing Partnerships).

This picture shows the roof of the new church building. We had the privilege of being there for the first service under this new roof. Our partnership does much more than just help build a church - it encourages the people there to continue in their struggle towards political stability, education, medical help, and economic development. All of these elements are critically important for the future of Rwanda.

The church there also runs a school with over 400 children, most of whom are orphans. Each of these children is a beautiful gift from God, made in His image. It is exciting to see that our support is making a significant difference in the lives of these children. The church in Butare is also making a big difference in their whole community, as they have a number of outreach programs to those living with HIV/AIDS, and to vulnerable children. Many have come to know Christ through the loving ministries to the poor and hurting.