Together with McLaurin Baptist Church in Grande Prairie, we have a partnership with churches in Rwanda (AEBR) since 2006. Our partnership is facilitated through CBM (Canadian Baptist Ministries), and is officially called STEP (Serving, Training, Energizing Partnerships). At the heart of STEP is a commitment to forming deeper relationships with believers from another part of the world – sharing life, learning from each other, giving and receiving.  Being a STEP church is more than just participating in a cross-cultural experience or financially supporting mission. It means being open to where God is at work in our world and becoming active participants in it through the ministries of CBM and your global church partner. 

We have seen multiple teams minister together with Rwandese people and have also had the pleasure of having some Rwandese friends come to Canada to minister here. It is a story of friendship, discipleship, mutual growth, challenge and support. We have been involved in projects such as pastor training, ladies workshops, microfinancing and entrepreneurship, literacy & education, home visitation & encouragement, and sometimes a physical building project. Our churches, and the individuals who have gone, continue to think globally about the body of Christ and the impact of how we live. 

In Rwanda, our partnership has moved in recent years from the southern region of the country to the north as the Rwandan people wanted us to partner throughout the country and not just focus on helping one group. This helped us understand too that this ministry is not about bringing financial resources or dependence but rather to help grow independence and an ability to disciple. And we are excited to move forward! 

Our last team was supposed to head to Rwanda during the summer of 2020, but unfortunatly the trip was canceled due to the Pandemic. We are in the process of putting together a new team that will travel to Rwanda in the near future.