Our purpose in the youth ministry at Webster Community Church is to help teens develop and grow spiritually. We have three different areas of focus through which we seek to accomplish this.

Bible Study

We have Bible studies throughout the year at our regular Friday night meetings. On the Friday nights when we are doing different activities, we usually have a short devotional to give everyone something to think about as well.


The youth also do various activities to serve the people in our church and community and beyond. Whether it’s hosting a games night with seniors, going door to door shoveling snow, or going on a missions trip, we are always looking for new ways that we can minister to others and help out.


It is important for our young people to build healthy relationships with peers as well as outside of their peer group. While this happens to varying degrees in the first two areas, it is important for teens to sometimes just have fun together. And so we periodically have events to that end. We want to provide youth with the opportunity to work together, play together, and grow together in Christ for impacting our world.