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Hello all!

As you are aware Camp Wapiti is gearing up to run 3 weeks of Day Camp this year and 1 week of Family Camp. We are very excited to be open this summer, and to hear the sound of kids enjoying God’s creation down at camp. We are actively hiring staff and God is sending us some awesome people who will love on your kids and show them Jesus.

Even with a short summer and only running Day Camp, we still need a handful of volunteers:

- Craft Shack - facilitator for a couple of hours each day.

- Camp Nurse - this is a bigger commitment because we would need you on site as long as there are kids present (9am to 4pm at camp, with rides to and from available from McLaurin each day!)

- Speakers -Day Camp (Grade 1-3-Both Weeks). Someone who will come share God’s truth and his love with these energetic little people.

- Staff Lunch meal prep - Our plan is to use the kitchen at the church, and we need someone who will shop (Camp will reimburse you for the food) and prep lunch for about 8 people. We would need you there first thing in the morning to put out the food and then wash up once the staff have made their lunches. The first week of Day Camp is covered for Lunch, so we need some one for July 19-23 and July 26-30.

Thanks for your prayers and support! Please inform others about these opportunities if you suspect there might be an interest!

Kaleb and Bev Penner - Directors