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Dear Friends,

I hope you are keeping well and your beloved ones !! I am inviting you to join me in an interesting project on education.

Everybody deserves to have access to education! In fact, it is a human right and when kids aren’t able to learn, it’s a violation of their rights! 

Education is a powerful tool in developing the full potential of each person, ensuring human dignity, and promoting individual and collective wellbeing. I want to be able to provide this for marginalized children across the world. 

 I am raising funds for and awareness about education of vulnerable girls in Rwanda through hiking on a Hill in my  neighborhood, 3 times a week for 3 weeks!   And once, I climb it it should be I aims to raise 10$. On the last day, my children who are in vacation now, will skip a meal, to make 10$, to have a total of 100$ as my goal.

Funds raised will support educational programs for vulnerable girls  in  Rwanda.

Will you Get Active with me towards my goal? 

Andre Sibomana

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