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Youth Group is starting up again for this year.

Ages 12-18 welcome.

Leader Michelle Bourget

First day is Friday Sept 24, 7 pm at the church


Dear Parents,

I (Michelle Bourget) will once again be heading up the youth ministry this year. My fellow leaders will be Cathrin Burkhart, Olivier Plante, Connor Weiser, Johanna Willis, and Tabea Wood. We are so excited about the year ahead with the youth group!

Here is some general information about the upcoming year:
Once again youth group will normally run from 7-9 pm on Friday nights in the church basement.
The format this year will be the same as last with a four Friday month having a group activity night, Bible study night, small group night, and a miscellaneous night and fifth Fridays being a service night. A typical two hour night at the church will be made up of start and end free time, a team task, a brief small group meeting, a short devotional/game, our main study/activity, and a snack. We would like to keep the time together phone free, so we will be asking the youth to put their phones in their mailboxes when they arrive and they will be able to take them out in the free time at the end. (If you need to contact your children during the night, there is a church phone in the basement – 780-568-3197.) This year we will be having a snack sign-up sheet (Please absolutely no nuts!). Most small group nights will be taking place at the church.

Our theme for the year is Why Do We Believe What We Believe? Each month has a separate theme as follows – September: Truth, October: the Bible, November: God, December: Jesus, January: Origin, February: Identity, March: Meaning, April: Morality, May: Destiny. On a regular youth group night there will be some sort of devotion to do with that month’s theme. We will also be encouraging the youth to be looking into these topics on their own by talking to you and their friends as well as taking note of the things they are reading, watching, and seeing. We will be giving each of them a notebook divided into the categories where they can record the things they are learning, questions they have, etc. Our Bible Study nights will then be a discussion on the given month’s theme.

Some important dates:
- Friday, September 24th: Our kickoff night! We will be meeting at the church from 7-10. It will be a time of exploring what we’re all about this year with an intro study, games, and snack. More details coming soon. We invite you, the parents, to come down either at dropoff or pickup to meet the leaders and see our space.
- Saturday, October 2nd: Bob (Chili&Pie Night) is returning! Campfire style.
- Saturday, October 16th: DtP. This year it is once again in person, but only one day instead of the whole weekend. I will let you know more as I get more details. If you are interested in attending, please let me know.

- Friday, November 19th 3:30-8:30 & Saturday, November 20th 9:30-4:30 Christmas in Sexsmith
- Friday, December 17th: Final meeting before Christmas.
- Friday, January 7th: First meeting after Christmas. Christmas Party!!

If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or would like to talk, please, feel free to contact me via phone call/text, or we can arrange to meet in person.

Thank you for the opportunity to walk alongside you and your youth,