March 20, 2022

  • Next Sunday, March 27th, is the installation service of Joshua Dorey as our pastor. There will be guest appearances and remarks from Dennis Stove, our District Superintendent and from Brian Burkhart, representative from, McLaurin Baptist.
    **Please note: To extend our time of celebration and welcome to the Doreys, we are planning a potluck following the service.
  • Another ladies Bible study is starting up! The topic is “Trusting God”. If you are interested in joining, please let Elisabeth know.
  • There will be a membership meeting after the service on April 3 to vote on Trevor Willis as elder and decide on the CBWC statement.  We need quorum for this, so please make an effort to be there.
  • Council is still in need of a treasurer.
  • Would you like to help with Children’s Blessing, but maybe not as often as once a month? Please talk to Danielle and let her know how often you would be interested in helping, it could be as often as every other month, or it could be only once a year!

Janitor for February: Knapp

Kitchen clean-up for February: Ladwig and Horvath





BIBLE STUDY: Tuesday 7pm Study on the book of Daniel. Contact Darrell for more info.

PRAYER MEETING: Wednesday 7pm at the church

YOUNG ADULTS: Thursday 7pm. All young adults welcome! Contact Alexandre Plante for more info.

YOUTH GROUP: Friday 7pm.  Everyone in Gr. 7-12 are invited to join. For general information about youth talk to Michelle.

LADIES BIBLESTUDY: Friday 7pm whenever there is Youth Group. Topic: Trusting God. For more information talk to Elisabeth

CARE GROUPS: Talk to Darrell Knapp if you’d like to join a group.  


BULLETIN: Please send announcements to the Church Office by Thursday evening: by phone at 780-568-3197 or by e-mail at  

TITHING: There is a box for offering on the back table. You can also give via e-transfer (no password needed) to  

PRAYER WEB: If you would like to join the prayer web, please contact Elisabeth Willis. If you have a personal and emergent item that you would like the church to pray about, please contact Ila Hagen or Tamara Sterr.  


Council Members

Darrell Knapp Elder
David Stauffer Elder
Mike Bourget Deacon
Bill Horvath Deacon
Jen Stauffer Secretary
Ruth Willis Deaconess